Author: Nick (The DroolBoy)

There Is Nothing In The World These Boys Love More Than Hanging Out With Their Dog

Babies have this incredible power to laugh so hard, they feel like they need a nap afterwards. And when these twins discover this pure joy, it’s all thanks to their fluffy pomeranian. This whole scene simply could not be more perfect. It just serves as yet another reason why pets are a wonderful thing to introduce into a growing family. I’ve never heard happier babies in my whole life…   Make sure you bookmark this video for any time you’re ever feeling blue…because how could you not crack a smile after listening to these happy tots?! Never has there...

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This Artist Splits Two Photos in Half and Combines the Results

“Combo Photos” is an ongoing series by artist and photographer Stephen McMennamy. In the series, McMennamy splits two photos he has previously taken, combining them into one harmonious image that usually plays with size and perspective. The pairings are usually two things you would never imagine together, making for some fun and creative imagery. The artist is also the creative director at BBDO Atlanta. You can see more of his fantastic work at the links below. STEPHEN McMENNAMY Instagram 1. Artwork by STEPHEN McMENNAMY Instagram 2. Artwork by STEPHEN McMENNAMY Instagram 3. Artwork by STEPHEN McMENNAMY Instagram 4. Artwork by STEPHEN McMENNAMY Instagram 5....

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He Poured Sand Into A Bottle And Made Something Amazing

Art comes in many forms. Creators use everything from marble to oil paint to produce amazing pieces, reimagining basic materials into incredible creations. That’s why it’s so cool to see artists turn mediums that we’re familiar with into something extraordinarily new. This virtuoso has managed to turn an activity that we all loved as kids into a form of high art. You have to check this out! I wish I could do that with sand! Artists are seriously awesome. Who knows? This guy might just become famous for his work one...

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