Author: Nick (The DroolBoy)

This Scenery Is Incredible, But Wait Until You See What’s Really Going On

Castle Valley, Utah, has to be one of the most stunning places on this planet. The scenery is beyond compare, and it’s admired by thousands every year. But Théo Sanson wasn’t content with just looking at these snow-swept peaks and valleys. Instead, he decided that he would much rather walk between mountains on a slackline. Sanson’s stunt — and its gorgeous backdrop — are truly spectacular sights to behold. Making it safely across to the other side is a miracle in itself, but I hope that Camp 4 Collective gives us a behind-the-scenes video soon. I mean, can you...

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This Is What Your Life Looks Like After Cohabitation

1. In the beginning, your cozy living room becomes a little too cozy. 2. And your “good sized” closet suddenly becomes the world’s smallest. 3. You’re faced with the tough decision of which dishes can stay and which must go. 4. You mistakenly think there’ll be someone to do chores for you now. 5. And laundry seems to pile up a lot faster than it used to. 6. Things begin to magically disappear from their rightful places. 7. Including those leftovers you were really looking forward to eating all day. 8. You find yourself fighting off the urge to...

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9 Of Your Questions About Cats, Answered With Science

Does your cat do a weird thing? BuzzFeed Science asked readers and colleagues what feline behaviour they’d like explained, and set about answering their questions. We spoke to John Bradshaw, noted cat scientist and author of Cat Sense (Allen Lane, 2014) – this is what he told us. 1. “Why do cats love sitting in boxes so much?” It’s all about security and getting a good vantage point. “When a cat rests it basically wants to feel protected, but it also needs to have some way of looking out,” says Bradshaw. He’s actually conducted experiments at animal shelters to...

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