Author: Laura

Old Man Builds Custom Train For Rescue Dogs In Texas

Every week, a retired 80-year-old man drives a tractor through his town in Fort Worth, TX — but look behind the tractor and you’re in for an adorable surprise. Eugene hitched eight blue barrels with the tops carved out, and inside each barrel is a rescue dog who’s happily along for the ride. Eugene and his brother have lived on their 13-acre land since the 1940s. Every morning, the brothers feed the wildlife on their property and tend to their many rescue dogs. Every time a stray winds up on the property, Eugene gives them a home and adds...

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This 90 Year Old Tortoise Lost Her Front Legs So Her Owner Got Her a New Set of Wheels

Meet Mrs. T, a 90-year-old tortoise who lives with her owner in Pembroke, West Wales, UK. Tragically this past winter, a rat broke into Mrs. T’s hutch while she was hibernating and chewed off her two front legs. When owner Jude Ryder discovered the horrifying scene during a routine check-up, she immediately rushed Mrs. T to her local vet. The doctors told Jude they would have to amputate her legs to save her life. Jude feared that Mrs. T would not survive the trauma of losing her mobility. Desperate, she turned to her son Dale for help. Dale, 37,...

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24 Funny Comics Guaranteed To Brighten Your Day

2. Time Is A Flat Circus A Tumblr of “True Detective” quotes overlaid on “Family Circus” comics. 3. Infinite Nap Claire’s comics forgive you for the daily modern embarrassments you stumble over 4. Huge Cartoons Heavy focus on parents giving terrible advice. Updates every Wednesday and Friday! 5. Butt Poems Currently on hiatus, but a Tumblr favorite. 6. Amazing Super Powers Consistently one of the most bonkers 3-panel comics (secret level: click on the upper right hand of each strip to reveal bonus panels). Also one of our lovely syndicated artists! 7. Dakota McFadzean’s Daily Comics Weird in a...

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