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The 12th Annual Smithsonian Photo Contest Winners

Smithsonian has just announced the winners of their 12th Annual Photo Contest. The winners were selected from over 26,500 entries by photographers from 93 different countries.Pham Ty was awarded the grand prize for his photo of seamstresses sewing a fishing net in a small Vietnamese village. Six category winners were also selected along with two Readers’ Choice winners, who were the top vote getters from over 10,000 votes received.For the complete list of finalists and winners, visit where you can also enter next year’s contest. Grand PrizePham Ty © Pham Ty / Photo ContestWomen of a small village near Vinh Hy Bay,...

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When This Tough Bulldog Encounters A Bug, His Reaction Is Hilarious

We all have our phobias. Rational or not, they can turn us into big babies. This poor bulldog, for instance, clearly has an issue with anything creepy or crawly. Not that we can blame him. He tries to keep a brave face while confronting the scary, squiggly thing…but it still gets the best of him. This reaction is priceless. Hey, I’m sure you’re not super graceful when you’ve got the heebie-jeebies...

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19 Killer Responses For People Who Say You Should Stop Wearing Makeup

1. Listen here. If someone’s on your case about how much they don’t like makeup, just hit them with the truth. 2. Tell them that you’re wearing makeup for your damn self. 3. And maybe explain that you’re not TRYING to look the same as you do without makeup. That’s not the point. 4. You are getting up every morning and doing what you love. 5. And thus, you feel like a magical, mystical unicorn princess when your face is beat. 6. You’re a wizard. 7. Let this person know that no matter what they say, no matter how...

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