CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND – 27 year old Kingston Rossdale was a great friend and boyfriend to Fernando. They were living together in Spreydon, Christchurch for a good 4 years already. Happy and set for life, together, everyone thought. Or at least it seemed so at the time. Things turned bitter when money was involved. Kingston’s true nature surfaced and it wasn’t beautiful.

They were both watching some Netflix, when Kingston received a phone call from his mother, whom he hadn’t spoken to in 6 years. Apparently Kingston’s aunt Suzanne had died a week earlier. Suzanne was a very rich lady, after long career as a successful business woman. Suzanne was a lesbian, but never found true love. Although contact between Suzanne and Kingston was extremely limited, Suzanne had a weak spot for her gay nephew. In her will, she left a large sum of money to him, nearly 100k. His mother called him to inform him of her recent death and his large windfall. Kingston didn’t know what to say, as he was devastated and excited at the same time.

Kingston (right) and Fernando (left) a few weeks earlier

After the phone call, he explained everything to Fernando with a trembling voice. His pain was going away fast and both of them were getting more and more excited, thinking about the money. For a few minutes, they danced and jumped around the room with joy. A bottle of champagne was opened. Until the moment when Fernando asked; “Will you share it with me? You know I’m dreaming of that countryside house for the two of us…” did the situation turn around completely. Kingston felt that it was his money and that his boyfriend was therefore not entitled to any of it. The day after they separated and Kingston resigned from his K-Mart job.

Would you have shared the money with your loved one? Or would you, like Kingston, keep what is yours?