We’ve all been there before at least once in our lives; you’ve been waiting patiently outside of the bathroom, and for whatever reason someone in your family is taking their own sweet time without a care in the world and absolutely no regard for you!

The video below shows that exact scenario but this time it’s all acted out with two furry animal friends! Katie the Great Dane seems very interested in the water bursting out of the shower head, but she really looks to be in for a long wait because Sid the cat is just enjoying himself far too much to even think about leaving anytime soon!

There’s just something about watching a dog interacting with another animal that we just love more than anything! Like the sweet Great Dane named Hugo who curiously met a baby bird for the first time, these moments are always guaranteed to be adorable!

It seems as if Sid the cat is using the cold water to cool himself off after a particularly hot summer day. We just love how furiously he’s enjoying licking off the water from his face, there really is no telling how much longer he could keep doing this, but it seems like forever!

Hopefully Katie will get her chance as well, but one thing is for certain: it seems like the cat is in charge in this household!

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