Every week, a retired 80-year-old man drives a tractor through his town in Fort Worth, TX — but look behind the tractor and you’re in for an adorable surprise. Eugene hitched eight blue barrels with the tops carved out, and inside each barrel is a rescue dog who’s happily along for the ride.

Eugene and his brother have lived on their 13-acre land since the 1940s. Every morning, the brothers feed the wildlife on their property and tend to their many rescue dogs. Every time a stray winds up on the property, Eugene gives them a home and adds another barrel to the end of his “dog train.”

The hour-long train ride, which is going viral and delighting readers across the country, has become a simple yet creative way to keep the dogs happy and entertained. Eugene’s route takes them through the Sycamore Golf Course at the back of Eugene’s property. Golfers always get a kick out of watching the train roll by as the dogs bark, sniff, wag their tails, and watch the world around them.

Eugene’s brother, Corkey, hopes to continue the tradition for the rest of his life. “I’m only 86! My wife said if I didn’t get up and do this I’d be dead,” he says. “And I really would.”

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80-year-old Eugene is long retired, but that hasn’t stopped him from “driving” to work every day. You see, Eugene drives a train for the stray dogs he rescues on his 13-acre property in Fort Worth, TX. Now his brilliant idea is going viral!


Eugene cut the tops off blue barrels and hitched them to the back of his trailer. Inside each barrel is a former stray dog who now enjoys regular train rides through the town.


Eugene’s route takes them directly through the golf course that lines the back of his property. The golfers take delight in watching the dog train roll by as the dogs bark, wag their tails, sniff the air, and look around.


As young southern boys, Eugene and his brother, Corky, would shoot at the stray dogs in their neighborhood. As they grew older, they chose compassion over cruelty and began caring for the wildlife and stray dogs that wound up on their property.


The kindhearted brothers from Texas hope to carry on the sweet tradition for as long as they can — and something tells me the dogs won’t seem to mind one bit.