Meet Mrs. T, a 90-year-old tortoise who lives with her owner in Pembroke, West Wales, UK. Tragically this past winter, a rat broke into Mrs. T’s hutch while she was hibernating and chewed off her two front legs.

When owner Jude Ryder discovered the horrifying scene during a routine check-up, she immediately rushed Mrs. T to her local vet.


The doctors told Jude they would have to amputate her legs to save her life. Jude feared that Mrs. T would not survive the trauma of losing her mobility. Desperate, she turned to her son Dale for help.

Dale, 37, a mechanical engineer, was actually the original owner of Mrs. T. Jude had bought the tortoise—who at the time was around 60—for her then 8-year-old soon nearly thirty years ago. Determined to help, Dale came up with an ingenious solution.

Using a set of wheels from a model aircraft, Dale affixed them to her shell using resin. Mrs. T not only got her mobility back but now she’s faster than ever!


Aside from having to get a new set of tires from time to time, Mrs. T could easily live another 50 years! You can read the complete story on The Telegraph.