When Legacy the Clydesdale was born, it was supposed to be a joyous occasion at Priest Welsh Clydesdalesin Canada. Unfortunately, it was a sad time. Only a day after her birth, Legacy’s mother passed away. Emily Welsh, the owner of the farm, was understandably heartbroken. Even going into the barn was emotionally draining for her, but there was a helpless foal who needed her love and care.

Luckily, someone else was there to help her and the baby out.

Buttercup, a lovely little goat, was brought to the farm to provide milk for Legacy.


Welsh figured that she could simply bottle Buttercup’s milk and feed it to Legacy. But Buttercup had other plans.

Upon seeing Legacy, the dairy goat’s maternal instincts kicked in, and she quickly adopted the foal as her own…even though Buttercup was the smaller of the two.

She snuggled up to Legacy and allowed the filly to suckle. Welsh even built a ramp so that the growing horse could have better access.

Aside from food, Buttercup has also provided Legacy with love and affection.


Welsh says that she was initially afraid that Legacy wouldn’t make it past her first week.


But at five months old, Legacy is growing stronger every day.

“Buttercup protects her, loves her, and plays with her,” Welsh says. “We owe her life to Buttercup, and we thank her every day.”


And Buttercup seems perfectly content to be this horse’s mom.


Now that Legacy is getting older, her humans decided that she should have some equine friends, too, so another foal named Rock has joined the family. “Legacy is learning how to be a horse,” Welsh jokes. This family might be a little unconventional, but it’s one built on love — and serious cuteness.