Weather Reporter Caught Playing with her Phone On Live Broadcast! – What She Was Doing?

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The famous Mexican meteorologist Yanet Garcia was caught on cameras playing with her phone on yesterday's live broadcast. You will be surprised when you discover what she was doing!

The weather reporter, Yanet Garcia, was caught playing with her phone just when her the weather show started broadcasting. Luckily, she realised that everyone was watching her and she continued presenting the weather program. But what happened there with Yanet?

What happened was that she has recently become addicted to a social casino game on her Android phone. It's called House Of Fun and it's captivating around 14 million players worldwide. She couldn't resist and decided to download the app and started playing. She got 100 Free Spins when she started.

The producers warned her that the show was to go live any moment now, but she was completely immersed in the game and couldn't even here what they were telling her. All she could think about was that she was about to win her biggest jackpot yet. Yanet actually won the big jackpot just 30 seconds before her show started and had a hard time hiding her emotions and excitement when the camera's started rolling!

"My heart is still racing now that I think about the excitement of winning that game. It was a little bit embarrassing going on cam like that, but I didn't realise the show had started. I managed to continue with the show, but I have to confess that after the broadcast finished, I kept playing. It's a fun game. I'm still playing it by the way."

Yanet is one winner, but she is not the only one. Since their promotion started in August, more than 4,000 people all over the US have won in House Of Fun. Google Play Store and Apple App Store statistics show that the free game is the most popular casino game. Over 50 million people worldwide have installed it already.

Today, news reporter Sarah Stone tried her luck and although she didn't won the jackpot, she really enjoyed it. “Unfortunately, not everyone has the same luck as Yanet!”.

And you? Do you think you can have the same luck as Yanet? Install the game for free and Claim your 100 Free Spins in House Of Fun. Hurry up as this promotion ends on .

  • Cristina Long
    I saw this on the news!!! I'm going to play too!!
  • Lina Wallace
    What a good moment to see this. I can use some distraction.
  • Emilia Perez
    I have heard about them. They say that it is easy to win with them.
  • Micky Wood
    I have tried a lot of casino games and I have heard that they want to position theirselves as the biggest casino app of the US. That is why they give you those Chances and let people win, it is a market strategy!
  • Patricia Cole
    Ha ha ha, winning the jackpot sounds crazy... This is madness!
  • Eva Myers
    Uhmmmm... I don't belive this...

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